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Common Challenges faced by every International Student

December 25, 2020
Common Challenges faced by every International Student

Common Challenges faced by every International Student

Undeniably, studying abroad is a one-time life-changing experience for every student who is either planning or already studying abroad. However, this journey may not be as simple as it sounds. The journey of studying abroad for every Indian student can be very challenging and for some, difficult to survive. But if you are determined, confident, focused and ready to face any challenges, your journey can become an inspiring story for all the other students who will be travelling to abroad for their education. This article will highlight some of the common challenges which every international student face while studying abroad and aims to provide you with the solution as well.


Challenge- When travelling and studying in a whole new place, you will definitely get the vibe of being an outsider which is quite understandable as well. But sometimes, this feeling can seriously give you real FOMO (Fear of Missing out) which is not a good sign. Although, you may deal with this issue back at your place too but facing this in a whole new world can be very challenging.

Solution- The best solution for feeling this way is to Communicate. More you will communicate with others; more you will be able to connect with the people which will be very beneficial for you on many levels. Such connections stay life long and help you to enhance your network globally.

Another solution can be to Explore. Although, education is your top priority when staying abroad, don’t just limit yourself. You can make a plan with other fellow students and visit and explore new places and especially and Make New Memories worth remembering.

Cultural Differentiation-

Challenge- Another very common challenge which you can face while studying abroad is a cultural difference or cross-cultural barrier. This challenge in particular can be majorly faced by Indian students as there is a huge cultural difference between India and other countries. It can be difficult for some students to survive in a country with a whole new cultural system, many faces this challenge very confidently.Cultural Differentiation-

Solution- The best possible solution to come over this challenge is to Accept and Aware. While your journey of studying and staying abroad, learn and accept the culture and language of the country you are studying in and make enlighten other fellows about your cultural. With this positive act, it is will beneficial for you and others as well as everyone is learning something new.

Just make sure that you don’t offend someone and speak anything incorrect about any culture as we don’t wish to create a wrong impression of any kind.

Financial Issues/ Currency Difference

Challenge- Due to the economic differences between the two countries, every student faces financial challenges when studying and staying abroad. While studying abroad, your budget and expenses can go out of track as well which is very common.Financial Issues/ Currency Difference

Solution- The best solution to come over this challenge is to learn how to manage your finance before leaving for abroad. Before leaving for this challenging journey, you should be well aware of that exchange rates and should be able to do the quick math when required.

Another solution is Working Abroad. It might interest you that while studying abroad, you can work simultaneously as well. This solution is very beneficial as it will help you pay you expenses, build your confidence, enhance your resume and most importantly, enhance your network globally.


Challenge- For those students who love to be around home and not travelled much outside, homesickness is something which can be very challenging for them. Also, one cannot ignore the fact that when travelling abroad for further education, due to the long distance between your hometown and the country where you are planning to study, it will not be easy for you to travel whenever you miss home. Another reason which supports this challenge is unfamiliarity. People being unfamiliar around you can make you homesick and make you wish to go back to homeHomesickness-

Solution- When leaving for this incredible journey, you should make yourself well aware of the main motive which makes you confident and help you in studying without any such distractions. Also, with the advancement in technology, you can connect with your family and friends whenever required. You should be aware of the fact that however it can be tough to live away from your parents, this journey will be a life-changing opportunity for every student.

 I hope this article helped you in providing some of the common challenges which every Indian and international student faces while studying abroad. Also, I hope that that solution offered will be beneficial for you and make your stay happy and worth cherishing. For further information, Contact Admissify today. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information or visit www.admissify.com for more information and get connected with us today.




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